Seeing Mirages Along The Way…

So, maybe I’m softening up to this whole blog thing…

The original question of a few months ago: After you’ve been married for 1,2,5,10,20 years what happens to the “flame” or “fire” of the marriage? Does it lose it’s brightness or power? While I’m not married I have this analogy…

I will have traveled the desert for so long, seeking to quench that thirst for water. Along the way, there will be mirages, moments of dicernment and decision making, temptations, personal growth, struggle, triumph and failure. But because I have traveled for so long. Because my soul thirsts to be quenched, once I reach that water, I will be unable to even assign a value to it. 1,2,5,10,20,40 years down the road that flame will shine brightly.


As I pass yet another mirage, a new horizon begins to appear. I wish I could get this damn sand outta my shoes.

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