Month: August 2006

“So You Wrestle In High School?”

Finally, after months of waiting, the city of Independence delivers an experience worth blogging about.

Last night, I headed to the Independence Mall to purchase a new pair of running shoes. I stopped into CHAMPS Sporting Goods. A nationally known retailer, this wouldn’t be difficult. Afterall, I knew what kind of shoe I wanted…it was identical to the beat-up pair I was wearing.

I briefly scanned the Greco-Roman sized wall of shoes under the large sign that said “RUNNING”. Three from the top, was the show I was looking for. The Asics GT 2110. A middle of the road running show from Asics. By no means a Gel Kayano, but for average miles, an average runner, I enjoyed my previous pair.

I turned to scan the store for an employee and after awhle I approached a 20-something stocky sales associate. His athletic build lead me to believe he played football or some high-intensity physical sport. We’ll call him Joe.

I handed Joe the shoe and said “I need this in a size 10.5 please”. He said ok and went back to the room.

After quite awhile he emerged with a box and met me next to the Greco-Roman wall, under the large sign that said “RUNNING”. He said sheepishly, “I couldn’t find that wrestling shoe, but I did find this pair.”

Did he just say “wrestling”? I thought to myself.
There’s no way. Look at me…I weigh 138lbs and am wearing mesh shorts and a t-shirt. I don’t look like a wrestler. Besides, we’re under the “RUNNING” sign. CHAMPS Sports doesn’t even sell wrestling shoes. And running shoes don’t even LOOK like wrestling shoes.

I brushed off the comment and looked at the pair he brought out. The Asics he did bring out were about four generations before the 2110 and sold for about $65. If you don’t know anything about running shoes, know that a running shoe for $65 regular price is not a decent medium-high mileage show. A bit disappointed, I glanced back at the wall and asked Joe to see if he had the 2110 in a size 10.

Minutes later Joe came back out with box in hand. There was my 2110.
As I tried the shoes on he asked me a question I thought I’d never hear.
“So you wrestle in High School or…” his voice trailed off.

He DID say wrestling shoe I thought to myself! He totally missed the large RUNNING sign, he doesn’t know the difference between a running shoe and a wrestling show and for some reason Joe thinks I’m a high school wrestler!

I smiled politely and said “No, I’m a runner and these are a great pair of running shoes.” Joe replied with “Oh!, those are running shoes, sorry about that…” I said “Yes, Asics makes a lot of wrestling gear, but their running shoes are pretty solid too.”

With that I told Joe I’ll take the pair and headed to the register.
This story doesn’t end there. See, Joe originally commented that the 2110 “looked just like” the $65 pair. As he put the shoes back in the boxes he put the right shoe for $65 in with the left pair of the 2110. Meaning Danny gets to run with a different left and right shoe!

At the register, I opened up the box, because I had a feeling if Joe wasn’t too familiar with the large RUNNING sign, he might have mixed up the shoes and with a smile, I was right. The associate at the register went back and got me both 2100s.

Eager to bring my wrestling shoe shopping experience to a close, the associate at the register added insult to injury. After clearly seeing I was buying running shoes, he asks “Can I get you any CHAMPS Shoe Cleaner or Scuff Protector.” Perfect for the long-distance runner desperately wanting to keep his beat-up running shoes stylish, sophisticated and clean!

I said no thanks, signed my receipt, took my bag and walked out of the store.

As I made my way through the mall I wondered…
maybe I should of tried wrestling.

Down With Hotmail…

So after years with my Hotmail account I got fed up with the copious amounts of spam and the ridiculous volume of smut banner ads. I have officially closed my Hotmail account never to be opened again. Enter Gmail.

Months ago Berger sent me an invite to Gmail, Google’s version of free, web-based email. It took a little getting used to, but I can proudly say, it’s the only free, web-based email address I’ll ever need.

If you have a Hotmail account and you want to save your old emails to your computer, follow these steps…

  1. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook Express
  2. Download and install WebMail Retriever for Hotmail
  3. Verify that your account can be logged into using Retriever
  4. In Thunderbird or Outlook, setup a new email account on your computer, using the instructions in the Retriever program
  5. Login to your Hotmail account and mark any email messages you want to download as “Unread”, then move them to your Inbox if they’re in other folders
  6. Use your email client on your computer (Thunderbird or Outlook) and “Get Mail/Sync”
  7. Your email client will then download all the emails you marked as “Unread” and sent to your Inbox.

No need to “FW:” tons of email. Just repeat steps 5-7 to grab all your email.

(Breaths a sigh of relief)
Finally, no more Hotmail.