Month: December 2005

Proud to Be A Missourian…

For all the garbage people give me for being from Iowa, it’s good to finally read something about a Missouri resident that restores some value to the state of Iowa.

Now this story doesn’t take place in Independence, South Kansas City or Raytown.

No, this story takes place in the 3rd most “high class” city in the KC area, Blue Springs (#1 being Overland Park, #2 being Lee’s Summit)


Protect Your Product

After 8 months, my $5 toaster decided it had done $5 worth of work.

For the last few weeks I’ve put off a new toaster purchase. But deep down, I longed for toasted tuna fish sandwiches, flakey waffles and golden brown bagels.

Lacking creativity I decided to have a couple tuna sandwiches for dinner tonight. Problem = no toaster.

Target, Wal-Mart and a choice of other toaster warehouses were options. However, all of those were out of the way, so on my way home I chose your friendly neighborhood Osco-Drug.

Now I have an $8 toaster.

So why this story? Well there are two amusing components.

First, after getting my toaster home I discovered that my $8 toaster personally knew my $5 toaster. Yes, I went ahead and purchased the same toaster, but the second time around it cost me $3 more.
Real nice Danny, real nice.

Second, Toastmaster, the proud parents of both of my toasters included a registration card with my latest purchase. The first instruction on this card says exactly this:

We will keep the model number and date of purchase of your new Toastmaster product on file to help you refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such as loss or theft.

It’s great to know that if one day I misplace my toaster or a thief can’t leave without it, Toastmaster has my personal information on file.

Shop carefully and always protect your product.

The Search For Consistency

I was instant messaging a friend from college the other night, a brief exchange and I typed something that I’ve been trying to put my finger on for weeks. It was a recurring theme in my life, but I couldn’t really put a definition to it until last night. The theme…

I don’t desire perfection, but yearn for consistency.

I can never be spiritually perfect while here on earth. But as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) I’ve expected to become more consistent in my faith. And while I believe I have become more consistent through the years, I have failed to be consistent as of late.

I could come up with many reasons for my inconsistency, but all are weak attempts to sooth my conscious.

Most baffling of all is the neglect I have for the Word of God. Did you catch that? The “Word” of God. I have the opportunity to hear from the Creator of the universe, whenever I’d like. I have the opportunity to harness the power inbetween those pages. You would think it would be a daily read.

I don’t understand why it’s a challenge when the benefits outway anything else I could be doing.

For now, the search for consistency continues….