Open For Bizness

After much resistance, I have become something I did not want to be…a “blogger”, clinging to the internet in hopes of hanging on to some form of communication with people I don’t get to spend enough time with. In a time when you can thrown your cell phone and hit someone who has unlimited “Nights and Weekends” is THIS the best we can do?

Maybe the act of blogging will grow on me. As of now it remains an inferior way to communicate when there are so many better choices.

One thought on “Open For Bizness

  1. i refuse to read this any longer. you’ve sold out. you’ve retracted your morals. you’ve become a dirty filthy nasty internet whore. i will not support you in this vile endeavor. i mean, i have one and everything, but i never claimed to be above it like you. later.jh

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