Month: March 2008

Confirming Ignorance

ig·no·rance (ig-ner-uhns)
n. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

In less than a year we will be electing a new US President. Media coverage on the race has been pretty intense as pundits predict it will be one of the closest races on the Democratic side in years.

Everyone seems to have some opinion on who’s running, who they would vote for and who they would not consider. But my use of the word ignorance starts here as some of us don’t go beyond an ill-informed opinion.

We base these opinions on small packets of half-truths, innuendos and stereotypes. Our extensive research is based on huge generalities, copious amounts of political email forwards, advice from the pulpit and what the latest radio or TV host tosses up as “truth”.

Entering into a discussion about politics having done nothing to extensively research a candidate is ignorant and sadly I see it often.

I have slowly learned that while America waves their flags, ties their ribbons, and enjoys everything that comes with being a free nation, we don’t fully appreciate the freedom we bathe in on a daily basis. If we did, the act of voting wouldn’t be an option…it would be a necessity. Voting wouldn’t be just something we did every two or four years. It would be part of something we were engaged in year round. An active, informed, thriving discussion culminating with a regular vote.

So that is my desire, even for myself and my family. That we would engage in the political process. That we would investigate each candidate and form our opinions around extensive, multi-source research. And that we could have open and well informed discussion about the status of our country, the issues at hand and what the future could like for us and our children.