Month: December 2007

A Season of More and Less

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because people break them very early on in the New Year and mostly because I don’t think people should wait 365 days to change their life.

That being said, I have come up with some goals for 2008 and to make note, I began several of these things well before January 1, so they are by no means New Year Resolutions. 🙂

  • Write More
    Somewhat vague I know, but I would like to write more devotionals for FCA, more blog entries, more commentary about the Christian life, narrations on my own life and maybe a book…non-fiction.

  • Read More
    Somewhat vague as well, but I would like to get through at least a book a month if not two. I already whizzed through two books in Oct/Nov and need to finish another. I’ll post my Shelfari list of what I’ve read and currently reading later.
  • Shoot More Photos
    I need to get out and shoot a bunch more. Hopefully January still has some snow left for me, because winter is a unique season behind the lens. Regardless, the photography has to increase.
  • Play More
    So my wife got me this awesome wedding present and I haven’t given it nearly the attention it deserves the last 1.5+ years. Excellent acoustic guitar, built in tuner and pickups. This black beauty deserves better.
  • Work Less
    In order to accomplish the above goals, I must work less. And by work, I mean freelance. I’ve already begun to ferret out current and long-time clients in a process that has been ongoing for the last year. So, no new clients in 2008 and a complete clearing of the current workload. That will hopefully be completed by February/March 1st.