Month: March 2005

When You Need A Tape Recorder

Well it’s been way too long since I last wrote. Thanks to #1vaulter for reminding me of my lack of blogging.

Today at the church I’m considering becoming a member (Jacob’s Well, KC) the pastor opened his sermon with a random question about the bible. The problem was, after he posed this question and began to tell the congrugation what he thought, I wanted to record it because it was well, that good.

The question he asked was “How do you think the Bible should be used?”

Here are some snippets from what I can remember. They are NOT verbatum.

Some people use the bible as an encylopedia, what does the bible say about abortion, lust, gay marriage or alcohol? Flip to the back, find some references and boom there ya have it.

God however probably had something more for us than a reference manual. He wants us to live out the stories and the history of the bible in our own life. And he wants us to live it out with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

When we take in all the people, stories and history of the bible we come to learn more of who we really are and who God really wants us to be.

Memorizing scripture is great, but living scripture is paramaount.

Throughout the day, you’ll begin to see people and events in the bible play out metaphorically, in real time. Maybe you’re doubting Thomas, King David, the man who couldn’t leave his possesions to follow Christ, the prodical son, the sower and the seeds, it goes on an on and on.

The Word of God comes alive in real and practical ways.
I believe the Bible has a reference section, without a doubt. But I long for each and every day that His Word comes alive in me.