Month: November 2005

Emptying The Last Bit of Sand From My Shoes

Throughout my college career I had written many analogies about my life. The one analogy that repeated over and over was about my search for a great girl.

Over the course of those five years I had walked the desert many times. Occasionally I’d come across mirages, water spots that dried up quickly and piles and piles of sand. But I constantly looked over the horizon. I kept walking, searching for the one that would satisfy.

I’ve realized over the last six months, that I was traveling in a big circle. The girl I longed to find, I had actually met while in the desert.

Blame my inabilities on dehydration, poor vision or poor timing, but this weekend I was able to empty the last bit of sand out of my shoes.

I am engaged to a girl who waded through all that sand with me.
Passing every mirage and water spot she waited for me to come full circle.

By the glory of God I am blessed.
She is for me and I for her.

Danny & Ashley Burns – May/June 2006

Ready For Love?

While browsing on my newly discovered facebook, this ad was flashing on my screen. I thought it would serve as a great social commentary.

1). The Word “Love”
This is another classic example of how today, the word “love” is nothing more than an over-used, underprivileged, marketing buzz word. Many people don’t comprehend the depths of love and while I don’t claim, by any means, to have love figured out, I know what it’s not. The example on my left, is NOT love.

2.) The Association of “Love” with Sex
The ultimate act of unselfish love is sex, it was designed and created for that purpose. However, today sex is a leisure activity, a weekend event, a social norm and a marketing ploy. Blame it on Kinsey, the sexual revolution or a change in the family unit…regardless, equating love with sex in the context of this ad is laughable.

3.) The Objectification of Women
Notice that the women on the left has no head or identity. She is portrayed as nothing more than an object, used for selfish gratification. “You want love? You want this.” While I believe this ad is a fairly obvious example of how media has helped to objectify women, many will brush it aside, roll their eyes or maybe even click the ad. I often wonder how desensitized we’ve become when we can see “meat counter” photos of women and not even have a response.

Well, I could write a whole paper on this ad, what it says about our culture, the industry, our social norms and our history, but for now, just three points.

Hmmmm, then again, maybe I’m over-reacting.
Guess I’m just not ready for love.