Month: May 2005

Tattooed On My Forehead…

This is from an anonymous writer, sent to J. Budziszewski, a well known author of Christian philosophy and Christian life.

God has something better and higher for those who will seek not just His rules but His heart.

If I could write that on my forehead, put it on a shirt and remind myself of it everyday, hmmm, I’m not sure where He’d take me.

Let the challenge begin…

Saved Calvin

We’ve all seen him…on the back of big trucks and SUV’s. A decal of the famed Calvin cartoon character looking over his shoulder while relieving himself on top of a Ford or Chevy logo. Unfortunately I won’t be commenting on the social class often associated with the people that buy these decals, that is for another blog.

Today, however, I came out of church and on the back of one of the trucks was Calvin. But he wasn’t urinating on any logos. He wasn’t grinning like I had seen countless other times before. Calvin was kneeling, praying, before the foot of a cross.

Which led me to ask, when did Calvin get saved? When did he decide to give his testimony on the back of overpriced trucks and SUV’s? I walked to my car and felt cheated. How does a cartoon character go from his evil ways of urination to being a full fledged follower of Christ without having more of a story?

Someone needs to put an entire 8 decal set on the back of their vehicle outlining Calvin’s journey. It’s only appropriate for someone who’s come so far.

Rebuild Them As They Were!

I came across this blog entry on I’m not a fanatic fan of Keith Olbermann but his idea is probably the best idea I’ve seen for what to do at the site of the World Trade Center. For those of you that haven’t heard, numerous ideas have been proposed. Construction is currently stalled due to security concerns over the plans that were decided upon.

Take a read…aside from adding some internal structural changes to make the Twin Towers safer against future attacks, Keith couldn’t be more correct…

Read Keith’s blog here

New Artist of the Week

Amos Lee – Amos Lee

Amos Lee is proof positive that it is worth while to channel surf obsessively.

I stumbled upon Lee closing a rerun episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I listened to the album online and felt a brisk breeze of musical refreshment.

In a time when record companies jam more and more tracks to a recording, Lee’s simple approach is a breath of fresh air. The album magnifies his rich voice, great lyrics and a small ensemble of instruments. The last time I heard something this “fresh” was when I listened to Norah Jones’ first album.

Mmmmmm, that’s what I’m talk’n bout…


The Amazing YMCA

While I thought I was going to leave my YMCA membership behind, I’ve decided that for now, I will stay. The clientel at the Independence YMCA is unmatched.

What does a cowboy hat have to do with the YMCA?

It is only the latest oddity in the weight room I workout in at the Y. Yesterday, I set my weights down and saw an elderly gentleman working out on a Cybex machine. He was wearing khaki slacks, a floral print short sleeve shirt, velcro shoes and yes, a cowboy hat.

Below is a list of people I’ve actually seen in the weightroom, unless noted.

– Woman walking into the Y wearing workout clothes and black high heels.

– Elderly woman with jet black hear, sweatsuit and black shiny pumps doing leg curls.

– Two painters, in full painting shirts and jeans, wreaking of latex, doing dumb bell bench presses.

– Large weight lifter always smells like a bottle of Hugo Boss exploded on him.

Anyone else interested in joining, don’t worry about the facilities, the classes or the cost. Come for the people…

From Deep Within iTunes…

Top Album of the Week
Shawn McDonald – Live in Seattle
One review said that Shawn McDonald has injected a fresh new sound and style into Christian music, similar to the effect Gavin DeGraw had on secular music. Since I like both artists, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen Shawn in concert and it’s where he’s best. This album recognizes his strength in performing and delivers on every track. Even though most of the songs are on his debut album, they have the heart, soul and grit that you just can’t get on a studio track. The instrumental accompanyment and female vocal complete Live In Seattle. Kudos to SPARROW records for investing in the project and kudos to Shawn for continuing to push the norms of the often drab, cookie-cutter Christian music genre.

Top Single of the Week
Michael Buble (boo-blay) – Home
Off his latest release, It’s Time, it’s good to hear Michael mix the old and the new. He sings some classics as well as writing new material. He’s one of the top “crooners” of our time. I never thought we’d hear someone like him with the passing of some of the greats before him.

Most Under Rated Album
Sister Hazel – Lift
Most people scoff, giggle and roll their eyes when you say Sister Hazel. But four albums later and they still have a large following. Sample their latest offering, Lift, and its chalked full of music that you can play at work, in the car, in front of a computer, on a run and everywhere in between. The original Sister Hazel used a recipe that made their music both infectious and different. The current Sister Hazel proves they didn’t need to change a great thing. Unique, warm vocals….beautiful lyrics…nothing but pure, Sister, Hazel.