Number 3

Number 3

We are not sparkling wine or champagne connoisseurs.  Nor are big sparkling wine or champagne drinkers. So inevitably on special occasions when family or friends bring the customary bottle there is always left over and it always gets put in the fridge.

In the last 5 years we’ve gone through 2 “wine stoppers” and “wine savers” neither which stop or save anything from going flat.

Recently, a trip to Target gave us “wine stopper/saver” #3. I remained skeptical.

But what I discovered is that #3 was different from all the previous models. #3 was simply simple. No twisting, turning, pulling. No knobs, rubber rings or seals. A few ridges and a metal top did exactly what it was supposed to do…save whatever is inside the bottle from getting out and stopping anything outside from getting in.

I’m not sure how we missed #3 in previous shopping trips. Maybe the allure of “new and improved” or “enhanced design” stole us away. Regardless, we highly recommend the simply simple yet reliable Oxo Steel Wine Stopper.

Save yourself from a few trips to the store, some sparkle-less wine or flat champagne.

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