Roaring Lambs

Roaring Lambs – By Bob Briner – Pg 65

Take, for example, the way in which the pro-abortion movement has entered the mainstream and gained respectability. Pro-abortionists score very well for their cause when they forcefully and all too often correctly, point out that the zeal of pro-lifers seems to wane when confronted with the real needs of children who are allowed to be born. With biting and telling sarcasm they ask where the marchers and demonstraters are when children go to school hungry, live in squalor and disease, are hijacked into the pornography trade and are abused in ever-growing numbers. It is always easier to protest, to carry a placard then it is to do the hard work of providing the cold cup of water in His name. (Besides, the cup of cold water rarely attracts television coverage.) The pro life movement will never succeed to the extent it should until its advocates and all other Christians work just as hard to produce good as we do to denounce evil.

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