Leading the Charge…

Back in June, God had instilled in me a list. This list was in regards to a large project I would be undertaking this year for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). It will be the largest and most significant project I’ve ever been entrusted with, which makes this list pretty valuable.

Thanks to Sarah H. for reminding me to post it.

“Remember and refer to these things…

  • You will need God everyday if you are to succeed
  • Don’t ever doubt the power of prayer
  • Keep the end in mind, you will get there
  • People will doubt you and your project
  • Be financially responsible
  • Be detail specific
  • Thank God daily
  • Seek input throughout the project from staff, students and parents
  • Guard against a critical spirit, find joy everyday, you are in the middle of Godly, heavenly, Kingdom work!”

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