CNN’s Nancy Grace Is a Disgrace

Nancy Grace is a talk show host on CNN’s Headline News. The former prosecutor, turned talk-show host is a ratings winner for CNN.

Recently she interviewed the mother and father of a missing 2-year-old boy. Nancy, known for her relentless questioning, crude comments, quick judgments and outlandish generalities pressed this women with question after question. She accused the mother of being involved in the disappearance of her son, volleyed numerous questions and essentially obliterated her on TV. It was painful to watch.

The next day, the mother killed herself. In a suicide note she left behind she cited Nancy and the interview.

My two issues…

Nancy Grace is not a journalist. Her and her producers are CNN’s very own TV Hit Squad. I’ve seen her lampoon guest after guest with no sense that she’s crossing any kind of line. She wraps all of it under the blanket of “finding the truth”, yet is constantly judge, jury and executioner often times before an investigation has come full circle. Regardless if this mother was guilty, Nancy wasn’t professional, nor did she display any type of journalistic integrity.

Secondly, CNN chose to air the interview even after learning about the mother’s suicide. They even re-ran the episode for days after her death. In the almighty ratings race, CNN devalued the life of this women, guilty or innocent, for a few extra points and a couple extra dollars. They too could see no line they crossed and stood beside Nancy and the airing of the interview.

My heart hurts for us. For those of us that are so desensitized to the media, we can brush it aside and feel nothing; for those of us that deem it the “status-quo” and don’t form any kind of opinion. I believe this is a bit of a dark day for the media realm and for us as a society.

We need some much needed help.

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4 thoughts on “CNN’s Nancy Grace Is a Disgrace

  1. Danny- Great post. I think you know I’m not a FoxNews drone…but can you imagine if this happened with a conservative station? People would be going ape….well, you know. It is an interesting post especially in the wake of Terrell Owens apparent attempted suicide. I think it’s easy for people to completely write off the “is it the media’s fault?” type of comment, but hey, seems like a decent question at times. So who would you put Nancy Grace up against in a celebrity death match? I think Rachel Ray would waster her. Also, take a look at my non-profit post and tell me what you think. It has surprisingly gotten a lot of play on the internet.

  2. Nancy Grace has shown, again, why she can no longer practice Law anymore anywhere within any of the 50 states of the United States as Nancy incorrectly attempted to report the issues of the Christy Brinkley divorce case tonight on her show. Perhaps when all of the current lawsuits filed against Nancy are resolved, and the yet to be filed lawsuits cases against Nancy are all resolved, maybe then CNN will post a disclaimer on the bottom of the television screen indicating that the viewers are not to take anything Nancy says, does, or suggests, to be facts and are representative of the perspectives from a known and documented druggie and alcoholic only. There is no correlation to what Nancy says to be representative of anything even close to the actual facts of the cases Nancy attempts to cover. Maybe then, Nancy might have a chance at reducing her upcoming prison sentence once some of the more prominent cases get a ruling from the Courts against Nancy for her documented predatory actions against victims of crimes. Since Nancy was never a victim of any crime herself, she remains clue-less to the damage she does to real and actual victims of crimes.

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