My Trip To Kinkos

If anyone has ever applied for a passport, you know that you can go to just about anywhere to get your official passport photo. I chose Kinkos.

I was told that I shouldn’t smile, so my passport photo would be more accurate while customs agents get me through security.

As I paid for my photos and opened them up in the car, I was a bit taken back. First, because I don’t think I’ve ever taken a photo where I intentionally tried not to smile and second, because of how the photo turned out.

I think it’s a cross between a prison mug shot and a ID photo in Bourne Identity. Not that I am in any way, shape, or form, Jason Bourne, but the photo would lead you to believe I’m much tougher than I am.

2 thoughts on “My Trip To Kinkos

  1. I would say it looks more like Ben Stiller mug shot…btw thank you for finally fixing your css errors, it was driving me crazy

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