Proud to Be A Missourian…

For all the garbage people give me for being from Iowa, it’s good to finally read something about a Missouri resident that restores some value to the state of Iowa.

Now this story doesn’t take place in Independence, South Kansas City or Raytown.

No, this story takes place in the 3rd most “high class” city in the KC area, Blue Springs (#1 being Overland Park, #2 being Lee’s Summit)


2 thoughts on “Proud to Be A Missourian…

  1. Danny.. I’m not sticking up for Blue Springs or anything.. but the guy’s name is Marlon Brando! all the characters he played were pretty crazy and violent.. (um hello.. Street Car Named Desire and The Godfather!) it’s only natural for him to want to do ridiculous things like shove a cell phone down his girlfriend’s throat.. shame on his parents for naming him that..

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