Emptying The Last Bit of Sand From My Shoes

Throughout my college career I had written many analogies about my life. The one analogy that repeated over and over was about my search for a great girl.

Over the course of those five years I had walked the desert many times. Occasionally I’d come across mirages, water spots that dried up quickly and piles and piles of sand. But I constantly looked over the horizon. I kept walking, searching for the one that would satisfy.

I’ve realized over the last six months, that I was traveling in a big circle. The girl I longed to find, I had actually met while in the desert.

Blame my inabilities on dehydration, poor vision or poor timing, but this weekend I was able to empty the last bit of sand out of my shoes.

I am engaged to a girl who waded through all that sand with me.
Passing every mirage and water spot she waited for me to come full circle.

By the glory of God I am blessed.
She is for me and I for her.

Danny & Ashley Burns – May/June 2006

2 thoughts on “Emptying The Last Bit of Sand From My Shoes

  1. Yeah!!! Congrats. You are a good man and I am totally happy for you guys. Keeping with the metaphor welcome to the ocean. It’s still difficult but much more refreshing.

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