Should My Cable Stay or Go?

Well, after much thought, I’ve considered getting rid of my cable TV and keep only local channels. Aside from saving me $50 a month, it would force me to read more, be more active, get more stuff done and manage my time better.

Still don’t know if I can give up my Discovery Channel, History Channel, TLC (yeah, I watch all the design shows), USA, TBS, TNT, FX and a few others.

Not that anyone reads this, but what do you think?
Keep the cable or cut it?

4 thoughts on “Should My Cable Stay or Go?

  1. We lived without cable for a while, and it really wasn’t so bad. Most of the shows we watch are network shows anyway, so we weren’t missing out on much other than the being able to have it on TLC/Nick at Nite/Disney Channel in the background. Plus, if you ever really need your TLC fix, you can come over and watch it at our house. šŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know what you are going to do without “A Baby Story.” I know it is your favorite. And yes… maybe not a ton of people read your site… but the IMPORTANT people in your life do! So don’t ever give in to the dark side that is called Xanga.

  3. cut it! TV kills brain cells. Unlike the internet which sucks them out with a straw and spits them into stew (a much more interactive experience). Dude but seriously you won’t miss it. And if you do you can download most shows and watch them later whenever you want.

  4. yea man get rid of it, i went for 2yrs w/o cable and it was amazing!!.i only have it now because i live w/ my parents trying to save money. hey by the way i checked out the FCA site, it looks real smooth. well done man

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