Tired of Terrorism…

When I say I’m tired of terrorism, especially as someone in the western world, it sounds like terrorism is an inconvenience. It cheapens the cost many people have paid and it adds to the stereotypes people have about Americans throughout the east.

But until I can come up with a way to say it better, I’ll say it again with some explanation.

I am tired of terrorism.

We open a newspaper, visit a website or watch TV and some component of terrorism litters the media. Every day for the last five years; we have terror alert colors, terror legislation, terror investigations, the war on terror, it’s endless.

And every time a new “warning” is played on every news outlet, with a radical extremist shouting about their hatred for the west, I say, “I get it.” I’ve heard it for the last five years. You hate this country, our ideas and values. You hate our troops in your land, you hate Christianity among your people and you hate our support for other “infidels” around the world.

We anticipate another “attack” on U.S. soil and because of our freedoms it’s almost just a matter of time. We can never be 100% free and still enjoy 100% safety.

So maybe that’s where I arrive; the realization that terrorism is a price we pay for our freedoms.

Still doesn’t mean I can’t get tired along the way.

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