Thanks Sean…

When someone spits enough truth to blind you, you can’t help but listen.

Thank you Sean Berger.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
“I’d be silly to sit here and tell you I’m perfect. I can’t even say I long for perfection or strive for perfection. But I do desire God’s presence. And He is fully perfect. And that’s something that hit me last week: I love myself far more than I love God.

There’s a Bible verse in 2 Timothy that says some people are “lovers of pleasure, not lovers of God.” The quote puts these two desire directly oppositional to one another. How can this be? Doesn’t God desire me to enjoy the life He’s created for me?

Simply put, the only things we should desire are the things He desires. And if there is anything outside that voice of His which entertains us, we must strike it down. Now, I know there are several people who read this blog who are and are not Christians. So if you’re one of those later folks, you may ask yourself why you’d bear arms against something that entertains, pleases or satisfies us.

John Piper (a fave’ author of mine) would tell us that perhaps we aren’t desiring enough from life when we desire only what the world offers. Perhaps if we desire God and His goodness we would see that He is far supreme and far better than anything else we desire.

I’m not perfect, but I am honest. I need God.”

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