Yep, so I’m 24 and I don’t feel older. Given the latest developments in life I do however feel wiser. I get a sense that I’ve doing life right. Not sure if I was doing life wrong before, but…

I was treated to an amazing dinner by an amazing girl. After eating with friends, we all headed to another restaurant to wind down the evening.

In the midst of some great conversation and sub-par frozen daiquiris, a song came on and played loudly throughout the restaurant. Not being able to pass up the opportunity, I slid outta the booth and took Ashley with me.

We slow danced next to our booth, in front of our friends and other random patrons. Ashley was not immediately keen on the idea, but she warmed up to it. I heard one wife tell her husband, “Oh that’s so sweet”and another said “Why don’t you do something like that!”

Guess it was a good thing.

To those in attendance…thank you for an excellent birthday.
From food to friends it was tough to beat.

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