Saved Calvin

We’ve all seen him…on the back of big trucks and SUV’s. A decal of the famed Calvin cartoon character looking over his shoulder while relieving himself on top of a Ford or Chevy logo. Unfortunately I won’t be commenting on the social class often associated with the people that buy these decals, that is for another blog.

Today, however, I came out of church and on the back of one of the trucks was Calvin. But he wasn’t urinating on any logos. He wasn’t grinning like I had seen countless other times before. Calvin was kneeling, praying, before the foot of a cross.

Which led me to ask, when did Calvin get saved? When did he decide to give his testimony on the back of overpriced trucks and SUV’s? I walked to my car and felt cheated. How does a cartoon character go from his evil ways of urination to being a full fledged follower of Christ without having more of a story?

Someone needs to put an entire 8 decal set on the back of their vehicle outlining Calvin’s journey. It’s only appropriate for someone who’s come so far.

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