The Amazing YMCA

While I thought I was going to leave my YMCA membership behind, I’ve decided that for now, I will stay. The clientel at the Independence YMCA is unmatched.

What does a cowboy hat have to do with the YMCA?

It is only the latest oddity in the weight room I workout in at the Y. Yesterday, I set my weights down and saw an elderly gentleman working out on a Cybex machine. He was wearing khaki slacks, a floral print short sleeve shirt, velcro shoes and yes, a cowboy hat.

Below is a list of people I’ve actually seen in the weightroom, unless noted.

– Woman walking into the Y wearing workout clothes and black high heels.

– Elderly woman with jet black hear, sweatsuit and black shiny pumps doing leg curls.

– Two painters, in full painting shirts and jeans, wreaking of latex, doing dumb bell bench presses.

– Large weight lifter always smells like a bottle of Hugo Boss exploded on him.

Anyone else interested in joining, don’t worry about the facilities, the classes or the cost. Come for the people…

2 thoughts on “The Amazing YMCA

  1. You think you see these crazy people at the Y, but the main reason they go is b/c there is a big celebrity. It seems very resonible to assume that many of these people have seen Dodgeball. On seeing this movie they have come to realize that secretly the main character works out at the Independence YMCA.Shoot if I saw a huge star I would put on pumps too. I would leave work early just to work out the same time he did. And if I wanted to really get his attention I would use large amounts of Hugo Boss.–Glad to see you are blogging more…I always enjoy it!

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