Notes From Life


FCA National Headquarters – Job Interview – Round 2

I’ll be making a second trip down to KC, to interview for the position of managing all of FCA’s online resouces, a.k.a. webFCA. I’m about 90% sure the job will be mine. But all of this has happened in a whirlwind. One week, I’m here till April, next week, I’m looking for apartments, tieing up the ministry here at Northwest and preparing for a huge change.

From the Shelf

If you want to read an incredible book about “vision” check out Visioneering, by Andy Stanley. I’m not talking about eye sight, I’m talking about life sight; where we are, where we want to go and how we get there. It’s a good read that is atypical of “self help” books.

It’s All In The Family

There’s a good chance I will be the fourth member of the infamous “Family” from Northwest to move to the KC area. Curtis, Jordan, Cameron and yes, yours truly. I can already hear the kids saying…”Uncle Danny!”

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