Thank You?

Christian Belief #001 – Jesus Christ died on a cross to release all of us from the sin we were born into.

Portion of a Random Christian Prayer – “Thank you Jesus for dieing for me”

Random Interaction #326 – Coffee shop employee hands customer their cup of joe, customer replys “Thank you”.

Random Interaction #621 – People go to a movie, when asked how to describe it, they reply, “That movie was awesome!”

Just a few examples of words we often use and if I apply them to my faith, seem incredibly insuffecient. Call it an extensive amount of humility, but saying “thank you” for a death that was anything but quick and painless just doesn’t work.

Same goes for awesome. How can a movie, elimidate, a rock show, or anything be awesome when there is a God that is infinetely bigger and better.

Which brings me to a quick and sudden close…words probably can’t describe or adequently convey the love that Christ has for us, nor can they describe a God of endless measure.

In the meantime, thank you for reading.

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