When I’m Ready

People often ask me about relationships. It’s the usual, being 23 and single.

Since my last “serious” relationship, my response has been verbatum…”I have a lot of things I have to get right with myself before I can seriously impact the life of someone else.”

My thought was that at one point, I’d be ready, a relationship would come along and…

But after talking to a friend tonight and using the same line to give proof to the jury as to why I’m single, I realized I’ve been saying the same thing for 2 YEARS!

I’ve been working on “me” for the last 2 years and while it’s been incredily introspective,” a brotha gets tired…”

Obviously, my faith tells me that I’ve still got yet MORE work to do. And one day I will be rewarded.

So what does all of this mean?

It’s like a contruction worker who has to work 12 hours in the hot sun Monday through Saturday. He can work as hard as wants, but for all of his work, he only places a few bricks on the foundation of the building per day. The next day, some of the foundation has crumbled and he has to put up new brick yet again.

Finally, after months of work, the building remains unfinished, but the construction worker stops and walks over to his truck. He grabs a cool, cold drink of sweet lemonade.

He looks at the construction, takes another drink, wipes the sweat from his brow and heads back to work.

I guess a guy’s just a little tired.

3 thoughts on “When I’m Ready

  1. To have a building that will be strong enough to not tilt, lean, or fall when a some rain or strong wind arises, a worker must lay a very firm foundation. Although this job may be long, teadous, and frankly annoying at times, the work has to be done in a manner that will make the building stand in the toughest of conditions. The rewards of the work can not be truly seen until the building is complete. But one knows if the work was worth it when they have some one to share their glass of lemonade with and someone who will help keep making repairs and adjustments to the building to make it stronger for its TRUE purpose!

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