Home For The Holidays

With Turkey Day well upon us and the streets of Marshalltown begging for attention in the late hours of the evening, my high school cronies and I hit up the local bowling alley. Once inside, I would discover the magnitude of my decision.

Every graduating class in Marshalltown Senior High School, from 1996-2003 was represented in this bowling alley. And what good is a bowling alley without a drink special? $2 pitchers were the special and boy was it special. No need to drink a glass, carry a pitcher.

I saw people I never thought I’d see again and people I actually missed. It was difficult to distinguish between the Marshalltown-lifers and those that were just back from break. In any case, it was nice to catch up in the smoke filled, underage drinking bar/bowling alley that is Totem Bowl.

The one thing that was a little different were my boyz. Once content to get together, bring people over, make some fun or raise some hell, the now overwhelming consensus was a need to drink and drink a lot. (Here’s where the pitchers come in)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that drinking is bad, that socially responsible consumption is the devil. Far from it. Shoot’n ya from the hip, I have a Bud Light with a T-Bone and a sissy glass of wine with a newly married couple in the Summit of Lee.

The point I’m trying to make is the contrast, between years ago and now. What happened to the group that stood out from everyone else because they chose not to be like everyone else? At what point did we conform to the norm, celebrate it, and swim around in it like it was something we had missed all those years.

Frankly, I had the best times when we weren’t like everyone else.

Home for the holidays…things most definatley do change.

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